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Deliberate Kin

1024 682 City Star Brewing
Deliberate Kin is shaking up their tiny part of the world. Alex and Amanda Jo are a husband and wife duo, traveling full-time as musicians with their two young daughters. Although Alex has been playing guitar for 21 years, he can pick around on nearly any instrument you place in his hands. His style is a bold blend of flat-picking run-away melodies while simultaneously holding down a driving bluegrass bass beat. Amanda Jo started singing and performing at the age of 8 and went on to earn her Fine Arts degree in college. Equal parts charisma and power, her voice and stage presence have been described as mesmerizing. With nearly 50 years of entertainment between the two of them, you are guaranteed a great show! They dare to bring light and joy with them wherever they travel and they’ll gladly share it with you. Their show starts with smiles, builds you up with laughter and leaves you with hope and high-fives. Songs full of emotions, sweet harmonies and warm acoustic tones wash over you. Every story they tell is laced with humor and rings with truth and you can’t help but be encouraged and empowered because of it. Deliberate Kin’s music would be enough, but they go above and beyond to engage the audience in an energetic, uplifting show! Fans have sent messages days later, expressing how the show was exactly what they needed to make it through their week. DK believes that music is a healing art. Every person experiences it differently. They invite you to come as you are and take what you need. There is something for everyone here.
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Jeremy Mohney Trio

Jeremy Mohney Swing Trio

640 675 City Star Brewing

Jeremy Mohney is swing, simply put. Nearly 90 years late to the game, he’s still swinging hard for dancers with his band, sax, singing voice and original compositions that all sound straight out of 1939. Each show is fresh and will leave you wondering what’s gonna happen next. All you’re sure of is that it will be solid in the groove.

As entertaining as he sounds, Mohney has proven it countless times. At home in CO at venues like Dazzle or the Mercury Cafe, he kills, as well as on his frequent tours which take him and his band all over the US. He recently came out with two digital albums, “Live at the Mercury Cafe” and “KGNU Air Checks”. They’re both available on all major sites, like iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify. Jeremy’s also starting a podcast which will feature he and his band’s playing, his original compositions, guests to play, sing, make us laugh and more.

Inspired by the home of our brewery, Jeremy composed “The Berthoud Bump”: click to listen.
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Erik Lunde and Eric Straumanis

1024 682 City Star Brewing

Colorado-based Folk Rock Singer-Songwriter Erik Lunde is a Poet & Songsmith with a captivating voice, evocative songs, and a compelling stage presence who “pens lyrics that are haunting and memorable poetry married with one of the widest arrays of melodies this areas knows.” (Scene Magazine). The founder and frontman of the Lunde Station band, a staple on the Northern Colorado music scene over the past 7 years, Lunde has re-emerged as a singer-songwriter, performing under his own name, with a more stripped-down sound, and a newly completed full length album of songs entitled “Water From The Stone.”

Lunde was raised in Mapleton, Wisconsin, a nowhere town of about 150 people and 2,000 cows. His parents were Norwegian Hippie Lutherans gone Southern Baptist, subsequently his earliest exposure to music was Old Protestant Hymns, Spirituals, Bluegrass and Gospel, as well as the Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, and Bob Dylan records his parents hid in the closet. As a kid he loved both the Beatles and the Stones and refused to choose which was better. His greatest musical memory as a child was listening to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” on a little green transistor radio as he hid in the bathroom in the dark to hide from the wrath of the Lord and his mom. Like a lot of shiftless Bohemian dilettante types he ran West to California a week after his high school graduation and came under the influence of Jim Morrison, Carlos Castaneda, Walt Whitman, and Jack Kerouac. He has been wandering and writing songs ever since. Sometimes when he is singing he thinks he is an old black woman, but the sound never comes out that way. He currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado and plays whenever and wherever he can.

Captain Steve and The Sharkbites

450 450 City Star Brewing

It’s an Acoustic Rock-Singalong with Captain Steve and his many musical friends as they set sail at City Star Brewing. They’ll play decades of familiar classic rock, pop and country with lyrics up on a BIG SCREEN.  Sing along from your table or up front with the band!

Cable Ten

1024 606 City Star Brewing

A fun-loving band most easily described as a ‘90s Rock cover band, though Cable Ten’s repertoire covers every decade since the 1960s. From Tom Petty to U2, Queen to Green Day, The Beatles to Mumford & Sons, they’ve got something for all generations to enjoy. Cable Ten features Marc Kray on percussion, John Metcalf on guitar(s) and banjo, Duy Tran on vocals and guitar, and Eric Weedin slappa da bass. Ben Price is our resident sound guru.

Riley Ann and Sean Bennight

1024 576 City Star Brewing
Riley Ann and Sean Bennight are both active in their artistic communities through performing, teaching, and humanitarian arts initiatives. Their paths crossed officially onstage with ‘Mad Dog Blues’. Following their first performance together it was clear their musical styles were well aligned.  Pulling from a diverse range of styles, they deliver an emotive and unparalleled multi-instrumental experience. Featuring sweet harmonies over originals and Old-time favorites, the duo sounds reminiscent of Mandolin Orange, Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings, and The Honey Dewdrops.


The Constant Tourists

1000 646 City Star Brewing

Rocky Mountain Battle of the Bands “Acoustic” winner, The Constant Tourists, play gypsy rock and mix Nate’s upbeat guitar lines and “smoky” vocals with Cassie’s old world influences vocally, on accordion, and trumpet lines. Their music will take you across the globe.


960 640 City Star Brewing

Honeytree is a collaboration between Monica Whittington and Eric Wiggs of Monocle Band.  The duo focuses on the artists and songs that have shaped them as musicians.

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