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Monday, September 2nd

Free flapjacks, breakfast beer flights, vintage cars, 50’s dress, support for the Berthoud Historical Society and the Flapjack Queen Contest.


In 1948 the Town of Berthoud created “Flapjack Day” to be celebrated on Labor Day to bring neighbors together and visitors from afar to enjoy one of the simple pleasures in life… flapjacks.

From 1948 to 1958 the local Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce hosted Flapjack Day in Berthoud Town Park that drew hordes of people to “The Garden Spot.” On the first Flapjack Day (1948) an estimated 1,000 persons descended on Berthoud to devour 5,000 free pancakes. By 1949, The Berthoud Bulletin announced that 3,700 visitors from 21 states downed a whopping 7,400 flapjacks. Over its eleven-year span, Flapjack Day grew to include the crowning of a Flapjack Queen. spike-driving, swimming and diving contests, a baton twirling competition, pet-and-doll parades, a pig catching scramble, a tractor driving challenge. The last Flapjack Day was held in 1959 when the Chamber of Commerce decided to cancel; the event due to the high cost of hosting such a spectacle.

City Star Brewing brought this annual tradition back to life in 2015: giving away 1,000 flap jacks, raising $1,000 for the Berthoud Historical Society, and crowning the first Flapjack Queen in 50 years – Caitlin Ascher.


11am-3pm: FREE Flapjacks
11am-5pm: Breakfast Beer Flights
11am-1pm: Vintage Car Show
1:30pm: Flapjack Queen Contest
3:00-5:30pm: Live Music 

Sign up to participate in the Flapjack Queen Contest here
If you would like to participate in the car show please contact Clyde at:  clyde@lodge.org

A BIG thank you to all business who made contributions to making this day happen!

Meadow Gold, Long Shadow Farm, Grace Place, Rosalee’s Pizza, Remedy Skin Studio, B-Town Automotive, You + Me Floral and Gifts, Joyful Brews, The Ranchers Wife, Rise Artisan Bread