Tilia Americana

Tilia Americana is an acoustic band based in Longmont, Colorado. Their bold, genre-spanning original music draws influence from folk, blues, rock, r&b, country and Americana  styles, and is notable for use of alternative voicings, non-standard tunings, creative arrangements, and beautiful instrumental harmonization. Their lyrics address widely varied themes from the nature of the universe to the nature of human connection, and draw inspiration from literature, art, science, mathematics, folklore, and the natural world.

Tilia Americana plays out in formats from duo to five-piece, but at its heart is a songwriting duo that shares a deep love of music, creative expression, and nature. One of us hails from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the other grew up in Southern California. One of us started playing guitar as a child, the other just started playing in the last few years. One of us freely sings out loud–melody or harmony–at the slightest opportunity, the other sings mostly when no one is listening. One of us seems nicer than she is and the other one is nicer than he seems. Mathematics… well…let’s just say we have separate interests too.

original Americana • http://www.tiliaamericanamusic.com

photo credit: Nikki Rae