The Constant Tourists

Such refreshing songwriting can only come from The Constant Tourists as they take fans on a musical journey throughout the world, anywhere from Ireland to Russia to Mexico, all the while maintaining an easygoing vibe that has been described as “gypsy rock.” The band started out in small town, USA and has grown and grounded itself in Denver. Nate and Cassie Sanchez, the founders of the group, have been playing together for six years. They started out as friends, but eventually realized there was more to the relationship than just music and are now happily married. After mixing Nate’s upbeat guitar lines and natural vocal talent with Cassie’s accordion, trumpet and vocals; the couple had created a full sounding duo. Within months of moving to Denver the couple filled in their sound even more with amazing local talent and recorded a full length album, Carry On. The band performs all original tunes featuring acoustic guitar, layered vocal harmonies, accordion, mandolin, bass, trumpet, percussion, and kazoo embellishments.

gypsy rock • jazz • swing