Poppin' Bottles

Poppin’ Bottles

We’re poppin’ bottles!

We will open all of our barrel aged beers that are currently for sale in bottles. Have a taste, or a glass (10oz pours, only).

Currently Available:

  • Palomino| Saison aged 11 months in chardonnay barrels and 2 months with tangerine and soursop. Palomino has a light body and dances with gold color. A zesty fruit profile from the tangerine and soursop are present, while a slight tartness and wild funky flavor balances the beer. The finish is pleasantly sweet and dry. 6.7% ABV, bottled 3-23-18.
  • Troubadour | Brown ale aged 3 months in KJ Wood whiskey oak barrels. 5.8% ABV, bottled 5-5-17.
  • Scarlet | Sour stout aged 9 months in oak barrels finished with cherries. Soured with both lactobacillus and pediococcus bacteria as well as brettanomyces yeast (big words for excellent souring agents!). A blend of Bing, Lambert, Van, and Royal Anne sweet cherries were added to this beer… approximately 50lbs of cherry per barrel. The beer has a velvety smooth mouthfeel. Luscious waves of cocoa roll along the tongue, and the cherry sweetness rounds out the sour flavor profile. 7% ABV, bottled 2-2-18.
  • Buccaneer | The 2017 vintage of Buccaneer is an American Strong Ale brewed with wildflower honey and aged 20 months in rum oak barrels. The flavor profile is malt forward with notes of caramel, toffee, raisin, vanilla, and of course honey. This strong ale goes down pleasantly smooth in contrast to its abrasive name and will steal away your worries and make your stress walk the plank at the end of a hard day. (Is that too many pirate references?)
    12.7% ABV, bottled 11-10-17.
  • Outlaw | The 2017 vintage of this imperial stout was aged 14-18 months in Kentucky bourbon whiskey oak barrels. Flavors of rich chocolate, toffee, dark dried fruit, oak, vanilla and of course American whiskey. A rich and creamy mouthfeel leaves you lingering for another pour. 12.75% ABV, bottled 8-25-17.