Farm Stand Band

Saturday 9/24 • 11am-5pm • Fickel Park • Berthoud, Colorado

City Star Brewing’s Farm Stand Band is a elebration of a successful summer harvest in Fickel Park, Berthoud, Colorado that coincides with the last day of the Berthoud Farmers Market. The free family friendly event revolves around performances with musical instruments that are crafted from non-traditional garden and farm themed produce and tools: carrot flutes, garden rake bass, pumpkin tuba, etc.

City Star Farm Stand Band features live music, food trucks, craft beer, farming, gardening, unique entertainment, “Big Zucch Contest” (Heaviest Zucchini contest throughout the day), antique tractors on display, games for the young at heart, local vendors,  and what could be the most intriguing event of the day… the “Farm Stand Band Talent Show” at 3pm.

The “Farm Stand Band Talent Show” will be a chance for anyone to showcase their creativity in creating a musical instrument out of non-traditional materials that could be found on the farm or in the garden.  Did you know you can carve a flute out of a carrot, make a xylophone out of potatoes, drums out of buckets and watering cans, or maybe even a guitar out of a garden rake and an oil can? You sure can and your limitations only go as far as your imagination will allow it. (Need some inspiration? Just YouTube “vegetable instruments.” ). Contestants will be judged on:

  1. Use of materials found on a farm or in the garden
  2. Creativity
  3. Performance

100% of the proceeds from Farm Stand Band benefit Berthoud Local, cultivating Berthoud as “The Garden Spot of Colorado”. Berthoud Local supports and encourages a local food culture where people learn first-hand the place of agriculture in our community and the value of healthy food, environment and lifestyles.

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