Erik The Viking Oftedahl

Armed with his guitar and a mission to connect, Erik The Viking has taken his unique style of songs to the open road. Tapping into both life experiences and just about any album he could get his hands on, Erik has been delivering the kind of heartfelt, soulful performances that leave packed houses clamoring for more. With a strong base of folk, blues, roots, jazz and hip hop influences, this powerful indie folk singer/songwriter has crafted a unique sound of his own. Using his profound gift for storytelling, rhythmic strumming patterns and a genuine message, Erik The Viking gives everything he has while performing, and leaves it there for all to bring with them.

“Technically classified as a singer/songwriter, Erik The Viking is more of a storyteller. The red-bearded, acoustic guitar playing troubador has a deeply personal and highly narrative repertoire.” – Brian Johnson, at Marquee Magazine, Denver, Co.

singer-songwriter • folk