Carbone Family Band

The Carbone Family Band is a Denver based bluegrass band that plays both bluegrass and old time music. Look  forward to hearing old time fiddle & banjo tunes, haunting ballads with harmony vocals and fast instrumental breakdowns.  Members of the band are Pat Carbone on banjos & guitar, his two sons, (now in their early 20’s) Cody on mandolin & guitar, Justin on upright bass, and Marianne Gibbs on fiddle. Cody’s a great singer, and he and Pat have a wonderful vocal duet thing going. Marianne plays both a cross tuned fiddle and a five string viola for a big fiddle sound, and sings harmony as well. Pat plays both 5-string bluegrass banjo and fretless clawhammer banjo. Great entertainment for all ages!

bluegrass • old-time