Poppin' Bottles

City Star Barrel Reserve Tasting

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

All seats have been reserved for this event. Sorry if you missed out; space is limited by the quantity of reserve bottles we have on hand. If you would like to be added to our wait list in case a seat opens up please e-mail

Join us for our first Barrel Reserve Tasting event in the Zoller Barrel House, attached to City Star Brewing. This special, intimate tasting includes 5 beers (4oz snifter pours), four of our reserve barrel aged beers: Outlaw, Scoundrel, Buccaneer, Damsel, plus a preview of an upcoming barrel-aged bottle release, Troubadour. This will also be the first public opening of the Zoller Barrel House.

The tasting will be led by City Star lead brewer, John Way. Only 20 seats are available for this event.

$30/ticket, limit 2 per reservation.


The Beers

Outlaw: Bottled on 2/25/15. This was the very first bottled, barrel-aged beer released by City Star. An imperial stout that spent 1 year “doing time” in Breckenridge Whiskey barrels waiting for the chance to bust out. While incarcerated, Outlaw mellowed nicely and includes flavors of dark chocolate, toffee, dark fruit, oak, vanilla, and of course American whiskey. 13.25% ABV

Scoundrel: Bottled on 5/6/15. The second installment in City Star Brewing’s barrel-aged bottle series. This sour barrel-aged brown hid out in oak Cabernet wine barrels for one year. Intentionally soured with a blend of lactobacillus and pediococcus bacteria creating a pleasantly sour version of our 2013 Great American Beer Festival gold medal-winning Bandit Brown Ale. 6.6% ABV

Buccaneer: Bottled on 11/20/15. The third release in City Star Brewing’s barrel aged series was an American Strong Ale brewed with wildflower honey and aged 9 months in oak rum barrels. The flavor profile of Buccaneer is malt forward with notes of caramel, toffee, raisin, vanilla, and of course honey. The rum barrels used in the aging process for Buccaneer are from two different worlds: two rum barrels were acquired from local friends Spirit Hound Distillery in Lyons, CO and two barrels traveled over 3,000 miles from the Flor De Caña Distillery in Nicaragua, bringing an exotic twist to this American Strong Ale. The aged beer from all four barrels was blended together to reach the desired flavor. 12.6% ABV

Damsel: Bottled on 3/11/16. A sour Belgian rye pale ale aged 17 months in rum oak barrels, featuring New Haven Peaches from the Palisade region of Colorado provided by our local Hays Market. The resulting brew is complex and intriguing with a bit of mystery on where the flavors will take you next. This well balanced sour offers some pucker without overwhelming your taste buds. As it warms a delicate peach aroma and subtle sweetness will dances across your palate and leave you eager for the next sip. 7.5% ABV

Troubadour: Taproom release on 5/7/17. A brown ale currently aging in whiskey oak barrels.