City Star Brewing to Release “Damsel” a sour Belgian rye pale ale aged in oak rum barrels with Palisade Peaches

  • March 28, 2016
150 150 City Star Brewing

March 28, 2016
Berthoud, Colorado 

Sweep Damsel off her feet! The fourth and latest release in City Star Brewing’s barrel aged beer series is limited to only 441 bottles. Damsel is a sour Belgian rye pale ale aged 15 months in rum oak barrels with Palisade peaches.

Damsel features New Haven Peaches from the Palisade region of Colorado provided by our local Hays Market.  Damsel aged with peaches for 4 months. The resulting brew is complex and intriguing with a bit of mystery on where the flavors will take you next.  This well balanced sour offers some pucker without overwhelming your taste buds. As it warms a delicate peach aroma and subtle sweetness will dances across your palate and leave you eager for the next sip.

Damsel will only be for sale in City Star Brewing’s taproom and will retail for $18 per 22oz bottle. Each bottle is dipped in peach colored wax and hand stamped with the City Star Brewing seal. With only 441 bottles available make sure you sweep your Damsel off her feet while still available!

“With each barrel aged beer release I grow more excited about the possibilities in barrel aging. Our taproom is currently undergoing an expansion that will include a barrel cellar room, allowing us to expand our barrel aging program.” – John Way (Owner, Head Brewer)