City Star Brewing to Release “Buccaneer” Rum Barrel Aged American Strong Ale

  • December 3, 2015
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buccaneer-3December 3rd, 2015
Berthoud, CO   

Ahoy:  Buccaneer has crashed ashore in land locked Berthoud, Colorado.  Buccaneer is the third release in City Star Brewing’s barrel aged series and will be available at the City Star taproom in Berthoud, Colorado on Saturday, December 12th at noon.Buccaneer is an American Strong Ale brewed with wildflower honey and aged 9 months in oak rum barrels.  The alcohol by volume for Buccaneer finished at 12.6% with a flavor profile that is malt forward with notes of caramel, toffee, raisin, vanilla, and of course honey.  This strong ale goes down pleasantly smooth in contrast to its abrasive name and will steal away your worries and make your stress walk the plank at the end of a hard day.  (Is that too many pirate references? We don’t think so!)

The rum barrels used in the aging process for Buccaneer are from two different worlds: two rum barrels were acquired from local friends Spirit Hound Distillery in Lyons, CO and two barrels traveled over 3,000 miles from the Flor De Caña Distillery in Nicaragua bringing an exotic twist to this American Strong Ale. The aged beer from all four barrels was blended together to reach the desired flavor.

City Star Brewing co-owner and head brewer John Way says, “We’re happy to release our newest specialty beer for the holiday season.  Buccaneer truly embodies so many qualities that I feel capture what this season is about.  Friendship new and old, coming together, sharing and cheer.  With this beer, we worked with Spirit Hound Distillers who we have had a strong relationship with for years, and we were able to use barrels from the world renown Flor De Caña bringing in some tools from people we’ve never even had the pleasure of meeting in person.   We combined all of our work together and what came out is a beer I think is perfect to share with friends.  We named the beer Buccaneer specifically because of the rum barrels used and dipped the bottles in gold wax so every bottle feels like you’re holding your own special treasure.  Maybe that’s a little cheesy, but I know looking down at a case of these beauties certainly makes me feel like we hit the jackpot.”

Buccaneer will only be for sale in City Star Brewing’s taproom and will retail for $18 per 22oz bottle. With just around 1,000 bottles available make sure you catch your bounty of this rich golden capped treasure before someone else steals it all up.